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Thursday, 1 August 2019

Do this and you will get approved by Google AdSense

Hey guys today I'will be sharing some AdSense tricks with you guys.
People complained of not getting AdSense approved  due to insufficient contents.

What's google AdSense?
In my own definition google AdSense  is an advertisement company and  means of earning for bloggers who are AdSense publishers .
Google is very strict you must comply to their policy if you really want to get approved 
Adsense is cpc and are paid by their customers .

Things to consider before applying  for google AdSense. 

1. Original contents 
For you to get AdSense approved ,your contents must be original in the sense that its written by you .no duplicate or copied contents make sure you have at least 25 posts though I got approved with 17 posts. coping contents is against AdSense policy and won't approve any site with duplicated contents .

2.  Your site must be fully designed .
Before applying for AdSense make sure your site is well designed ,friendly for your visitors and must have navigation.

3.   Privacy policy .
AdSense don't play with privacy policy .its one of their policy your site must have privacy policy .you can generate privacy policy for your site .

4.   If your site is for gambling ,adult site I'm sorry AdSense is not for you .you can find other means of making money with your site.

5. Your site must be at least 2months old .
AdSense has month limitation depending on the country you are applying from.

6. When appling for AdSense make sure you you details are correctly entered .

7. Place the code sent to you by AdSense on your blog.
AdSense will verify if the blog you are applying with it,if  really you own it.

Google is very strict you must comply to their policy if you really want to get approved.

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