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Thursday, 1 August 2019

How to get organic traffic to your website

How do one get organic traffic ?
Yes have you ever wondered of getting 200,000 page views daily or get your posts on google first page.

What's SEO ?
SEO is a query which helps in crawling traffic to a portioned website and ranks it higher other other websites,helps in crawling traffic to your website.

They re several  necessary steps to take before start getting organic traffic ,things to consider and criteria things to avoid .

1. Keywords
Keywords are those specific words we search on search engine .keywords is just a description of what you re searching for ,if you use your keywords correctly be assured of organic traffic from search engine .
Your keywords should be what people are looking for ,what your customers are searching for ,try and check which keywords your competitors are using and dive them out of the corner.
A good keywords, contents will be surely crawled by google spider ,googlebot and gets good ranks .
Before publishing any post make sure you re using the correct keywords.
Use Google keywords  planner to check for your keywords and use the keywords people search on the search engine

Description search 
Always include your description tag ,it helps the search engine to know what your article is all about if ignored search engine will take your first paragraph as the description search.

Power words
These are powerful words people search on search engine.
What are these power words? These power words could be how to,things to ,what is,tutorial etc these words are powerful because its searched often on search engine .

Back links
Back links are links from another webpage.
Back links are very important ,helps in driving organic traffic to your website .
Here are top sites which will give you 20,000 unique black links free .

Social networks
Social network is another way of getting traffic for your website .always share your post on the social networks like Facebook,twitter etc.
Your website will get ranked if you re getting traffic from social network.

Join forums or discussions
Its recommended to join some marketing forums and always exchange link with other bloggers blogging on same niche with your niche.
Comment on other websites and leave your URL on the comment box.

On page seo
This tool helps in ranking your keywords .
This tool is what actually index your posts & pages .
Create internal link for your posts
Set your XML site map on your google webmasters 
Create robots .txt
Use image optimization for your images
Check for broken or dead links 
Optimize your contents 

Meta tags description
This is what describes your website when searched on search engine .its very important to set your meta description,search engine can ignore your posts if you don't have meta tags descriptions set .meta tags alone can get your website good traffic.

Submit your blog/website to directories 
So many directories nowadays that promotes website ,submit your blog to them for more organic traffic.


Search engine marketing is a form of internet marketing that involves the promotion of websites by increasing their visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs) through optimization (both on-page and off-page) as well as through advertising (paid placements, contextual advertising, and paid inclusions).

Link sharing 
Join some discussion websites like Google groups ,yahoo groups ,quora discussion for more organi traffic.

If you want to get on Google page you try as much to avoid duplicate contents f you ve any questions comment below for assistance .

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