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Thursday, 1 August 2019

Top 10 paying Niches

What is niche?
Niche is any place of opportunity  which one is well suited .
To be a successful blogger one needs to specialise in one niche.
Some niche have more google AdSense advantage over other niche.

This is one question people do  ask?
While choosing niche note google favours some niche over other niche ,some niche gets more CPC and one click can hive $30-50 depending on the niche you re blogging on .
Nowadays people run into entertainment, fashion,news etc neglecting health or insurance niche .
According to google ranking health niche is most google AdSense paid niche .

Top10 paid niche

  •  Health niche as known health plays big role in everyone's life,no one wants to get sick very one want to have a healthy life,people are are searching the searching engine  on this niche on daily  basises .health niche is the highest paid niche today maybe its hard to blog on ,bloggers do avoid this niche don't know why ,but with health niche one can make up to $100 daily ,the cpc is high one click can give $20-50 depending on the country or article .

  •  Insurance niche I know many of us don't know about this niche,even if we do I guess no one wants to go into insurance niche maybe because of low traffic or niche is second google AdSense paying niche ,Google ranks this niche high because it deals with human daily basises,the CPC is high just like health niche one click can give $20-30.

  • Make money online  this niche is what people are browsing on daily basises ,how to make money online how to become rich,this niche has good cpc rate and good  organic traffic . CPC is from $10-15 
  • Technology this niche is good, people are browsing on technology day by day .technology niche has improved a lot nowadays blogger blog on technology not bad but some country CPC are poor ,depending on your country one single can give $10 above.

  • Relationship another good niche but doesn't pay that much maybe a lot of bloggers are already into it and a lot of duplicated contents .this niche has high CPC single click veries from $5 
  • Celebrities this type of niche gains organic traffic from search engines ,everyone wants to read about his/her celebrities,read gossip, CPC rate is not that high $2 .

  • Entertainmentanother good niche but doesn't pay that much maybe a lot of bloggers are already into it and a lot of duplicated contents .this niche has high CPC single click veries from $2

  • Fashion everu day new fashion are coming out every one wants to keep updated this niche is good CPC is $1 
  • Social media we all know about social media connecting with people what's trending CPC is not that high $1

  • News this niche is good gains good traffic but has poor CPC $1 
  • Seo search engine optimisation advantage of this niche is it has good organic traffic ,seo tutorials and Google first page ,CPC is $1 .

Before going into blogging or setting up any website carefully make a good choice or contact us.

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